Top Israel Travel Destinations

Regions That You Need To Visit Right Now

Israel is indeed a small yet beautiful country which has somany beautiful places to offer. You can travel to different cities of Israeland you will find so many amazing places in each city of this country. Thereare cities like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Golan, Upper Galilee, Safed Rosh Pina& Hazor and Lower Galilee that will take your breath away. As all thesecities are unique and will give you an experience of a lifetime.


Well, this is one of the most ancient cities of the World and who doesn’t want to see such a glorious place with so many amazing sites in it. There is nothing like Jerusalem and you are going to enjoy your every second in this ancient city. This city has some really important historical places that people from all parts of the world travel here. The people of this city are really amazing and the city is so vibrant and lively.

Tel Aviv

Just like Jersualem, Tel Aviv is another city which is existing for more than hundred years now. Tel Aviv is modern, beautiful and has some really amazing places. You can go to beaches, can have those romantic night strolls and can also enjoy the shopping markets of these beautiful city. From an ever growing financial sector to the friendly people to the funds flowing into the Hebrew city you are going to get an amazing experience in this city. You can travel by yourself or join a Free Walking Tour in Tel Aviv.

Upper Galilee

Don’t you want to have a natural experience and want to see some really cool natural beauty? Well, if you do then this city is the place to be. You are going to see lush fields, sprins and rivers at the crossroads and the beautiful wildlife. This city is all about nature and its surroundings and if you really want to have a different and natural experience then go visit this city in Israel now.


Gola or I should say the Golan Heights, this city contains some of the best places in the northern Israel. Water is its greatest resource and it has created so many amazing landscapes and other beautiful water features. If you are a fan of waterfalls then the Saar Falls will be your favorite spot in Golan. The Saar Falls in Golan is also competing for the honor with the Banias Waterfall which is the most iconic and largest Waterfall in Israeel. On the other hand, the Mount Bental offers a really stunning view across both Israel’s Galulee and the flat plains of Syria.

Safed, Rosh Pina & Hazor

If you want to visit a place which has been mysticism kind of a place then do visit Safed and its neighbor areas. This is one of the most magical lands in Israel and what you will find here will never be found elsewhere in the World. So, what are you waiting for?

Lower Galilee

Done with Upper Galilee? Well, there are so many other things to explore in the Lower Galilee as well. The Lower Galilee is the grand Cliff of the Beit Hakerem Valley and this place is famous for its rolling hills, open valleys and olive orchards.

Western Galilee

Well, the next in the list is the Western Galilee, just like Lower and Upper Galilee this place is also very beautiful and unique. If you want to see a true color of the Galilee and how a Galilean Landscape really looks like then visit this place. This is one of the most popular area to visit on all those Israel Free Tours. There are forests, green mountains, natural beauty and yes those beautiful beaches as well.


Next in the list is Tiberias, this city has Jewish roots and it has become a center of Jewish learning and training. This city is very important for the Israeli people as it is one of the four holy cities of the Land of Israel. So, visiting this part of Israel will be special I mean really special.