Israel – The Ultimate Mediterranean Get-Away

Underrated and seldom compared to stereotypical Mediterranean vacation spots (think France, Italy, Greece or even Croatia or Morocco), Israel is a little-known gem of the Med, and should be the location of your next holiday. Here are the top reasons why Tel Aviv should be on your travel bucket list.

The Pristine Beaches

Israel’s coast runs for 170 miles along the Mediterranean, providing a variety of beaches for every type of traveler. Busy beaches outside of Tel Aviv provide the perfect backdrop for a bustling city, full of culture, while quieter beaches further along the coast provide relaxing environments consisting of rolling dunes and waves. Whether surfing or sunbathing, there’s nothing quite like a sunny day on an Israeli beach. If relaxing is more your speed, quieter beaches include Alma beach, to the south of Tel Aviv, and Michmoret to the North, both of which provide amazing views of the Med.

The beautiful beach of Israel

With 300+ days of sun a year and warm temperatures year-round, Israel provides the perfect spot for a get-away any time of the year, but can get quite busy and expensive near Jewish holidays, so plan accordingly!


Airline prices can be quite cheap to Tel Aviv during prime Mediterranean hotspot season, and prices are usually much more affordable than those of other Med vacation spots. Autumn and winter breaks are more cost effective, and with a bustling nightlife scene from Wednesday to Friday, flying during the middle of the week is another great way to cut costs on airline tickets.

There are also many free tour services around Israel and Tel Aviv that provide amazing information and guided tours to tourists. This is a spectacular way to get to know the culture of Israel as a native would, and learn more about the country in a much more intimate way.


With a bustling bar scene rival to that of Ibiza, Tel Aviv offers a variety of clubs and bars. From Rothschild Boulevard to Neve Tzedek, there is no shortage of party districts or bars. Tel Aviv is home to The Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar as well as the Bellboy Bar at Hotel Berdichevsky, both of which continually rank among the top bars in the Middle East, and in the world.

Israel Nightlife

With an emphasis on fresh food and agricultural technology, Tel Aviv is a leading exporter of food despite the country being almost entirely desert. With restaurants like North Abraxas and The Salon, Israel is the perfect destination for foodies as well.

Home to many Bauhaus-style buildings, including those found on the famous Bialik Street, Tel Aviv represents an interesting blend of history and technology. With influences form Persia, Rome, Turkey and Germany, architecture like this can be found no where else in the world.

In recent years, as tourism in Tel Aviv has spiked, multiple new luxury hotels have opened around the city. With a hotel for every price point and taste, no one will be left unsatisfied with their Tel Aviv accommodations.

Fun fact: Tel Aviv has more museums per capita than anywhere else in the world, with more than 230 spread across a small portion of the city.

Museums in Tel Aviv


Jerusalem and the surrounding area are heavily steeped in cultural and religious history. With the opportunity to visit some of the most historically important structures in the world, including the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and El-Aqsa Mosque, this city is home to more than 5,000 years of diverse religious and cultural history.

Jerusalem - David Citadel

Israel, and its many cities, provide the perfect mix of culture, history and technological innovation; making this country the perfect Mediterranean vacation spot for a traveler of any kind.

Recreation in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is part of the most famous tourist cities in the world. Visiting this destination can give tourists an outstanding experience from the previous tourist centers visitation. Tel Aviv is the largest urban center in Israel. Actually, the visiting the city is the best experience I got from Israel Free Tour, it is a destination that gave me the opportunity to sight see the culture of the Jews in Israel.

Tel Aviv free tours warrant the visitation of tourists to the beaches in the metropolitan and also appreciate the warm climate at the beach. My visit to the destination also includes different museums such as the well-known Ben-Gurion Museum. I also visited the Cameri Theater and enjoyed the dramas at the theater. The city can offer an abundant number of Tel Aviv free tour prospects for a guest to have great moments as they can spend some quality time at the interesting markets within the city.

Tel Aviv Free Tour

Some individuals who are great lovers of appealing jewelry and traditional artworks would love going on tour around this city because I noticed there are sufficient numbers of markets that can give them the special experience they wished for. An example of jewelry and art markets in the Nachalat Binyamin Market. I couldn’t resist purchasing attractive souvenirs for my friends and family back home and I am certain any lover of art will do the same. In addition, the gifts from the market are really affordable.
Furthermore, Tel Aviv is an international municipal so there is no scarcity of infrastructures in the city. The lodging facilities are exceptional and I enjoyed spending the night there after the great Israel Free Tour. In addition to the five-star guesthouses, there are many affordable guesthouses in the city. Hence, I ensured that I was able to sight see the culture and history from the Tel Aviv Free Tours without spending beyond my budget. The guesthouses I chose provided services that are comparable to international standards. I also ensured that I had fun at the intercontinental restaurants in the city apart from chilling at the bars.
The city is full of attractive Apartments in all areas and it made it easier for me to get a hotel that satisfied my personal needs. I enjoyed the vital services like WiFi and swimming pools because they were readily available and accessible in the hotel. Rental flats are also available close to the shore. People wake up in the morning to enjoy the view of the beach.

Tel Aviv Beach

Many of the affordable guesthouses are situated on the Hayarkon Street. These guesthouses are constructed in an old-style manner. They are really relaxing because they are sited close to the beach in the city. Tourists can enjoy intercontinental dishes apart from Middle Eastern dishes available in such guesthouses. These places also have salons and bars so that the visitors can have a wonderful time after their Tel Aviv Free Tour.

Consequently, the nightspots of this city are also admirable as it has some lovely discos and music clubs. I liked visiting the bars and the restaurants. Overall, visiting Tel Aviv is one of the best vacation decisions I have made. Therefore, visit this city and have the time of your life too.

Tel Aviv Night Life

Why Everyone Should Visit Israel at Least Once

Israel is a great religious, cultural and historic mixing pot, and as a tourist there is so much to explore, whatever your interests. This is a list of the top things you must experience during a visit to Israel!

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the sights and sounds? Israel Free Tours  provide tourists with the opportunity to get to know the country on a more intimate level, with native Israelis leading daily tours around the country!

The Mediterranean
The Med provides one of Israel’s borders, and also influences much of the life and culture in the country. Tel Aviv, one of the country’s largest cities, lies very close to the Mediterranean. From beautiful, pristine beaches and a sea-food based diet, the Sea is a large aspect of life and culture in Israel.

Israel boasts one of the most diverse histories in the world: it is holy to all three monotheistic faiths and is home to some of the oldest cities in the world, including the Old Cities of Jerusalem, Jaffa and Lod. There are ruins from almost every time period in history located somewhere in the country, making Israel the perfect destination for history buffs as well.

Dizengoff House Tel Aviv

Holy Jerusalem
Home to some of the most momentous events in history, Jerusalem includes religious sites like The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Western (Wailing) Wall. A mixture of religions, ethnicities and beliefs, this city offers something interesting for everyone.

Tel Aviv
One of the most diverse cities in the world, Tel Aviv has a vibrant food and nightlight scene as well as a long history. From amazing architecture to world-renowned restaurants and cafes, Tel Aviv provides an interesting mixture of historical Israel and the modern day hub of a bustling capital city.

Tel Aviv Beach

Food is integral to Israeli culture, and there is something here for everyone to enjoy. From eating falafel and other street foods while browsing market stalls or enjoying the finest fine dining in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, Israeli food is bound to make an impression on anyone who visits this diverse country.

Local Culture
Israel is a melting pot of old and new, and the art culture of cities like Tel Aviv reflect this ever changing aspect of the country. From theatre, art, music and dance, there are multiple art galleries and festivals throughout the country to enjoy the unique perspective of Israeli artists.

From the Dead Sea to the Negev Desert, the landscape of Israel is amazingly diverse and beautiful. Also home to the Red Sea and barren Arava, and everything from mountains and beaches to craters, Israel’s ecosystem is just as diverse as the people that call this country home.

Dead Sea Cliffs

The Dead Sea is also home to the lowest spot on Earth: come and enjoy the relaxing nature of the Dead Sea as you float on your back and enjoy the mineral properties of the mud.
Israel represents the coexistence of all three monotheistic religions, and whether you consider yourself secular or religious, the existence of a place as diverse in beliefs as Israel warrants exploration in and of itself. Tel Aviv is also the gay capital of the Middle East, creating an interesting mixture of tolerance and coexistence. This magical country has so much to offer anyone looking to explore a world of history and innovation, and should be on everyone’s travel bucket list.