Tel Aviv Free Tours

There are so many attractions to enjoy in Tel Aviv. One of the best ways to explore the city is to join our Tel Aviv free tours, so you can meet locals, be guided by locals and ask experts locals for all the answers you want. Our excellent guides do not receive payment from the municipality or from any company or any other party. They will make an effort to give you the perfect experience of a wonderful tour in Tel Aviv, just for your tips. We hope you will be fair and show them how much you enjoyed the tour and their guidance by opening your heart and wallet. Tel Aviv is the cultural and commercial center of Israel. It’s the most exciting city in the Middle East! It’s a new city,  less than 120 years old, resting at the seashore of the Mediterranean Sea, with plenty of places to enjoy and have fun. It is known as the “City that never sleeps”. The city was recognized as a UNESCO site since 2003 and is nicknamed “The White City”. The best way to discover the many charms of the city is to join our Free Walking Tours. There’s something for everyone, from the elderly to the children. Colorful markets, beautiful warming beaches, various architectural styles, plenty of street sculptures and welcoming people. It has an array of things to see,  like an artisan market, upscale fine dining to theater and opera houses together with outdoor performances. So come to Tel Aviv and join our Free Walking Tours in Israel.

Sorry, no more Free Tours. For group tours, please contact us.

Tel Aviv Free Tours by title:

Early Days of Tel Aviv Free Tour
The Start of Tel Aviv Free Tour
We will tour the first neighborhoods of Tel Aviv and talk about the pioneers who established the city, viewing the small streets, attractive houses, cafes and restaurants and the pumping heart of the city.
Tel Aviv Center Free Tour
Tel Aviv Center Free Tour
We will tour the famous places in the center of Tel Aviv, including Dizengoff Center, the City Hall, Rabin Assassination Monument, Habima Square, wide avenues, fashion shops, unique cafes, and more.

Two Markets in One Free Tour
Two Markets in One Free Tour
We will visit the two colorful markets – the Carmel Market with street food, spices, bars, and delis, and the artists’ market on Nachlat Binyamin Street, with stories about people, art and more.
Graffiti Free Tour in Florentin
Graffiti Free Tour in Florentine
In Tel Aviv,  especially in the Florentin area, there are many graffiti paintings and street artworks, in an authentic neighborhood full with young people and dynamic vibe.

We will explore the Eclectic and Bauhaus architectural styles of Tel Aviv buildings – “The White City” that was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. We will see sculptures and street artworks and entertainment places.
Tel Aviv Night Life Free Tour
The tour will show you the bustling nightlife of the “city that never sleeps”. We will see and talk about clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafés, and other favorite nightlife entertainment places for locals and tourists.
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